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fLED Canada is the only registered DedoCanada Exclusive Online Dealer.

FLED Canada offers a complete line of Dedolight products to Canadian customers including, but not limited to the Turbo Felloni, the LEDZilla, the DLED Series of LED Focusing Fixtures.  Multi Light kits and accessories are also available.

Dedo Weigert, Dedolight Founder





Dedo Weigert was born in Breslau, Germany in 1938 and studied at the Munich University. He went on to work extensively in theater and as a film production manager.

For several years, he was an assistant cameraman on many international film productions and in 1964 started working as a freelance cameraman (Directory of Photography). With over twenty years of experience as a working director, producer and Director of Photography involved in feature films, commercials, documentaries, American television series and some highly technical and demanding special projects he began to specialize in high speed cinematography and high speed videography.

Mr. Weigert has received more than twenty international patents for technical inventions that are today regarded as state-of-the art. He has also been awarded twenty-five international prizes for film and technical development such as the Technical Achievement Award in 1990, Cinec Award in 2002, and the Scientific and Engineering Award in 2003.

Terrence Crack, President of fLight Productions

As a result of the long standing business relationship between Terrence Crack and Dedo Weigert, on April 15, 2011 Mr. Crack, under the banner of his company, Flight Productions (DedoCanada), became the new Canadian Agent/Distributor for Dedolight.

Currently Flight Productions has, and continues to establish a very exciting dealership network across Canada in order to represent the product line effectively from coast to coast.

“I am very proud to work with someone as creative as Dedo and his Munich Team; to represent one of the finest lighting manufactures in the world.”

“Everyone should own at least one Dedo light!”

Please be advised we only sell to Canadian Customers Dismiss