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FLED Canada offers the full Dedolight product line to Canadians

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FLED Canada offers a complete line of Dedolight products to Canadian customers including, but not limited to the Turbo Felloni, the LEDZilla, the DLED Series of LED Focusing Fixtures.

Only Exclusive Online Dealer

FLED Canada is the only Registered DedoCanada Online Dealer. While there is no experience like seeing these lights in person, sometimes making the decision of buying is better done on your own time.

Dedolight Discussion

FLED Canada aims to provide you with content to better use the wide range of products on the Dedolight line.  Everything from setup, specifications, safety tips and more.

Featured Product

The Dedolight LiteFlex | DP-LF-BI

The Dedolight LiteFlex Bi-colour is the new 30x30cm flexible light-weight LED panel for applications like: narrow spaces such as elevators, cars, bathrooms or even inside objects for product photography.

Designed for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality, CRI and TLCI.

The Dedolight liteflex comes with a dimmer and a mount for 16mm studs, it has Velcro on each corner enabling easy installation wherever you would like.

Not only is this light only $525.00, it’s water proof and can bend!!!

Recommended Accessories:

The TP-LF-SBX: Inflatable diffusor pouch

Recommended Power Supplies:

The DLPS12-60: AC Power supply

Technical Information

LED Health Hazards to be Aware of

In the past with metal halide lamps the hazard was with the short wave – length ultraviolet, possibly causing skin cancer and cataract.  In this field Dedo has always offered the worldwide lowest and safest uv-value.  With LED light sources an additional hazard can be...

How to be Safe when using LED Lights

Digital cameras see LED light differently than tungsten/daylight sources. Additionally cameras interpret these light sources differently from each other. Color temperature meters are unable to see the full spectrum and therefore do not work for the evaluation of LED...

Double Aspherics – Two Faces of Light

Many lighting situations demand both direct light as well as gentle wrap around soft light.  As manufactured of various types of lighting equipment, Dedo also builds dual purpose light sources which may be converted from direct light to a soft light source… the...

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